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Credit and Debit Card Processing

Eighty percent of all retail customers pay with a credit or debit card. So accepting these forms of payment is a must for any business in today’s competitive marketplace – and a key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Credit Card Processing

These cards are the most commonly used business and personal credit cards in the United States. Whether the card is a regular consumer credit card, connected to a checking account (a "check card"), issued for a business or accumulates rewards, there are very few consumers who do not have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card in their wallet.

Visa logoOffering its cardholders security, flexibility, and convenience, Visa cards account for the highest percentage of credit and debit card activity in the U.S. With a medley of benefits including zero liability on unauthorized purchases, travel assistance and assurance, emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement, as well as purchase security in the form of purchase repair/replacement and reimbursement for eligible items, it's no wonder cardholders give Visa top billing. And if Visa really is everywhere customers want to be, then there's no question that Visa should be among the cards you accept. If you want to make your business a consumer hit, accepting Visa is an obvious choice.

MasterCard logoIn 2009 alone, MasterCard processed more than 22 billion transactions so it should come as no surprise that MasterCard is a major contender in the credit card game. From shopping protection in the form of extended warranties and purchase assurance, to personal protection with identity theft resolution and zero liability on unauthorized charges, MasterCard offers a host of benefits that keeps its cardholders rooting for the brand. In addition to these features, MasterCard users are also privy to special offers and upgrades on certain events and experiences, including concerts and sports competitions. By placing MasterCard in your payment arena, you'll keep fans satisfied and help ensure your business is a total knock out.

Discover Card logoAccepting Discover is a must for all merchants. Discover cardholders are loyal to Discover – they prefer this card over all others and it's easy to see why. Discover offers its users heaps of benefits, including cash back bonuses on all purchases and low interest rates. By offering Discover as a payment option, you'll be providing these loyal cardholders with the incentive to explore your business, generating the growth you need to put your business on the map.

American Express logoArmed with high credit limits, American Express cardholders spend more than the average credit card user and tend to be more impulsive buyers than their Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card wielding brethren. As a result of the extensive rewards American Express offers its cardholders, including accumulated mileage and rewards points that can be used toward anything from travel expenses to shopping and dining costs, American Express cardholders will gladly fight to use these cards. That’s why accepting American Express, a “premium” charge card, is essential for all businesses looking to conquer the market.

Debit Card Processing

Accepting debit cards is the 21st century way to do business. While debit cards may be processed as a credit card at credit card rates, using a pinpad with a debit card means:

• No required signature

• Lower processing fees in many cases

• Extremely low risk of chargeback, and

• The ability to meet customer needs

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